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Caring For the Incontinent Patient

As a healthcare professional in any setting, at some point, you will provide care for a patient that is incontinent. Whether you are a nurse, physical therapist, or nurse assistant, you’ll have to modify your care plan to accommodate for their incontinence. As the primary care provider, your care will revolve around the incontinence and … Read more

3 Reasons to Use Water Soluble Medical Lubricant

In the medical lubricant industry, there are many different varieties of products to choose from, each serving their purpose. The procedure you are performing and with what instruments will often dictate which lubricant you select. Join us in today’s post as we offer just three reasons to use water-soluble lubricants for all of your medical … Read more

Making Suppository Use as Comfortable As Possible — A Patient’s Self-Care Guide

There are not too many times when a person is prescribed a suppository, that they are excited about it. However, suppositories offer much relief and benefits that oral medications cannot. In today’s post, we are going to review some suppository basics and tips to help make the administration of them more comfortable. All of the … Read more

5 (Medical) Gifts Every New Parent Needs

When people find out that someone they know or love is expecting a new bundle of joy, they get excited about the adorable little shoes and the super soft teddy bears. Rather than overwhelming the parents-to-be with 100 more wearables or cutesy gifts they may or may not need, it is worth your money and … Read more

Why You Should Have Medical Lubricant in Your Medicine Cabinet – Practical Home Uses

Every home (should) has a first aid kit and medicine cabinet where the family turns to treat bumps, burns, and upset stomachs. If your home medicine cabinet is like most Americans, it features Tylenol, ibuprofen, some Pepto Bismol, and an antacid. Perhaps it has some triple antibiotic, peroxide, and some bandaids. If your medicine cabinet … Read more

Why Couples Choose Surgilube® For Personal Use

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we make high-quality products that are safe and easy to use and make the jobs of healthcare professionals easier while improving patient comfort. Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant has been the mark of quality and assurance as the surgical lubricant of choice by medical professionals around the world for more than 85 years. And, … Read more

Tips for Urinary Catheter Management

If you or your loved one is home with an indwelling, intermittent, or suprapubic urinary catheter, you may be wondering how you will manage this new need. The good news is, a urinary catheter is fairly safe and convenient, and once you get the hang of it, you won’t even notice it! The even better … Read more

Is Surgilube Safe? A Review Of The Safety Data Sheet

Surgilube Surgical Lubricant by HR Pharmaceuticals is a super smooth translucent gel that can be used as a medical lubricant in a variety of settings. Surgilube has been trusted by medical professionals as the go-to lubricant for more than 80 years. Because it is a sterile, water-soluble, latex-free, bacteriostatic lube, it is generally safe to … Read more

Stories From the ER: Things That Have Been Used as Lube

Not everyone is diligent about ensuring that their stock of lube is properly maintained. When the situation arises where lubrication is required and there are not commercial lube products available, people tend to make due. What people find and use as lubricant tends to vary based on why they need lube, what is readily available, … Read more

Emergency Lubricants

Although Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant comes in convenient single-use packets and a variety of other sizes to meet your needs in any setting, when you forget to order more or restock your stash, you could find yourself in a situation where you need some emergency lubricant to get the job done. We highly recommend that you … Read more