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Why You Should Have Medical Lubricant in Your Medicine Cabinet – Practical Home Uses

Every home (should) has a first aid kit and medicine cabinet where the family turns to treat bumps, burns, and upset stomachs. If your home medicine cabinet is like most Americans, it features Tylenol, ibuprofen, some Pepto Bismol, and an antacid. Perhaps it has some triple antibiotic, peroxide, and some bandaids. If your medicine cabinet does not include a surgical lubricant, in today’s post, we will help change your mind and encourage you to restock your cabinet with some additional products to make it a fully functional first aid kit

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we engineer superior products that solve real problems for the medical community and its patients. Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant is meant for use in sterile environments, including the operating room, but is available for safe use by the general public. When you add Surgilube to your medicine cabinet or first aid kit, you know that your home is equipped with a product that the medical community has relied on for more than 85 years.

Arm Your Home With Surgilube

Remove tape, gum, or stuck on bandages.

Water-based lubricants offer a natural adhesive removal. If someone in your family has a bandaid that is not coming off easily or has bandage tape that is threatening to wax the extremity when removed, use some Surgilube surgical lubricant to safely remove the adhesive. Because Surgilube is a medical-grade sterile lubricant, it will not create an environment that breeds microbes the way that other adhesive removers can. It is also pH balanced, which means that it will not burn or irritate the skin, which is especially important when there is a wound underneath the bandage.

Removing too-tight rings or foreign objects.

If you’ve ever injured your hand or experienced a hot, humid day, you are likely already aware of how your fingers can swell. Hand and extremity swelling while wearing a ring that is just right or even a size too small can cause the blood flow to be reduced to your finger. Help get that trapped ring off without damaging the metal or your finger with the help of surgical lubricant.

Additionally, if your child has gotten their limbs or head stuck somewhere or stuck a toy or foreign object somewhere, you can use the slickness of Surgilube to help remove it. Unlike other harmful lubricants you may have lying around the house, Surgilube is neutral and water-based, which makes it safe to use on almost anything.

Prevent or treat chafing.

Marathon runners in your home? Lube areas that typically chafe prior to their run or use Surgilube to treat the chaffed area if they didn’t heed your advice afterward.

Taking a rectal temperature.

The taking of a rectal temperature is not something you should be doing on a regular basis, but it is something that parents and pet owners may need to do from time to time. For children who have a higher than normal temperature, taking a rectal temperature can offer you insight as to whether they indeed have an emergency room-worthy fever or of their environment is much too warm. For pets, there really is no other feasible way to monitor the temperature. When taking a rectal temperature, you must use probe thermometer that is typically used orally. Lubricate the tip of the thermometer and insert the probe about an inch, or until the probe tip is fully inserted, but no further. Using Surgilube’s surgical lubricant will make this process much more comfortable and prevent trauma to the rectal cavity. Be sure not to use the same thermometer to take a temperature by other routes after using it rectally!

Inserting an enema or suppository.

Sometimes a home enema or rectal or vaginal suppository is necessary. All of these routes of administration can be both uncomfortable and cause trauma to the areas if not done correctly. Nothing should be inserted into the vagina or the anus without being properly lubricated, and Surgilube is the perfect choice for safe insertion.


For those who do intermittent self-cath at home, a sterile surgical lubricant is an absolute must! Surgilube has been trusted by patients who perform self-catheterization for decades. Surgilube is used for catheterization in hospitals and medical facilities because it offers a water-soluble, bacteriostatic option that will not cause harm to patients. Take advantage of these qualities in your own home.

As you can see, keeping a medical lubricant in stock is an essential part of any first aid kit and medicine cabinet in a medical facility as well as at personal homes. For a medical lubricant that you can count on, trust Surgilube Surgical Lubricant.