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Why Couples Choose Surgilube® For Personal Use

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we make high-quality products that are safe and easy to use and make the jobs of healthcare professionals easier while improving patient comfort. Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant has been the mark of quality and assurance as the surgical lubricant of choice by medical professionals around the world for more than 85 years. And, as word has spread about how well our products work to make medical procedures safer and more comfortable, our product has also been used by couples across the world as their go-to choice for a personal lubricant. While intimacy is not the intended use of our products, we can definitely understand why couples prefer Surgilube over commercial personal lubricants. With our high-quality formula and features and benefits that are unmatched by any other lubricant on the market, Surgilube is the industry standard.

Join us today as we discuss some reasons couples trust Surgilube for their personal lubricant needs.

It doesn’t need the “extras.”

Many commercial personal lubricants are chock full of “extras” that claim to make intimacy better, more enjoyable, or just plain spice things up. Lubricants offer features such as warming, cooling, tingling, enhancing, flavors, scents, and other such sensual additives. But, couples who enjoy the pleasure of each other, naturally, but need a little help in the moisture department opt for less flowery options like Surgilube. No additives, colors, or texture modifiers means a closer feel to the real thing and provides a sense of comfort and intimacy that cannot be offered when all of your other senses are distracted. Surgilube is also paraben and glycerin-free because we do not need all the extras that other lubricants do to create a superior product.

Additionally, leaving out all the extras means there is less of a chance of an allergic reaction, sensitivity, or irritation. And, when you think of where you’re using it, that benefit alone is reason enough to choose Surgilube!

Taking out all the extras provides an additional benefit that not many other personal lubricants can boast, and that is its multi-purpose abilities. Need a non-irritating massage oil, to take the dog’s rectal temperature, administer an enema, perform a self-catheterization, or any other lubricant needs, Surgilube is not limited by various ingredients the way that other single-purpose lubricants are.

It won’t compromise toys.

If you are in need of a personal lubricant because you have introduced adult toys into the bedroom, you need a lubricant that will enhance, not deteriorate the experience. Many commercial personal lubricants say right on the label that you should not use it for toys. Additionally, most adult toys say right on their packaging that you should use an unscented water-based lubricant. Surgilube meets all of those requirements and is meant to be used with silicone tubing, so its simple, water-based pH balanced properties are sure not to break down your adult toys or condoms. Surgilube is also bacteriostatic, meaning it inhibits the growth of new bacteria and can damage existing bacteria, limiting the infection they may cause. However, it is important to note that this does not mean that it will prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted disease or that it can take the place of proper care of your toys. We do not claim to be the subject matter experts here, please consult your device’s packaging for cleaning instructions.

Side note here: even if you do not choose Surgilube as your personal lubricant of choice, for safety’s sake, please be mindful of what lube you do use with your adult toys. Many non-water-based lubricants can destroy the silicone, making it porous or cause it to crack, which can trap bodily fluids and bacteria, leading to some serious health risks.

Superior texture.

As if we weren’t proud of all of our features and benefits, it is the superior texture and premium viscosity that make Surgilube the go-to choice for medical facilities and intimate partners alike. The water-based qualities make for a slick surface that lasts. Surgilube will not clump, flake, get tacky, or stain. Many oil-based lubricants seem slicker on initial contact, but very quickly become sticky and will dry in globs that can actually increase friction and irritation, requiring you to use more. Additionally, oil is difficult to remove from fabric and other materials.


In the medical industry as well as the general public, the over-use of latex as the preferred rubber has led to some pretty severe allergies with consequences ranging from simple contact dermatitis to full anaphylactic reaction. This is why HR Pharmaceuticals has made the decision to make all of our products latex-free. This health-preserving feature is a definite benefit to those with a latex allergy. Many commercial lubricants and condoms are made of latex, which can make intimacy uncomfortable and nearly impossible for those with allergies. When you use Surgilube coupled with a latex-free condom, you can rest assured that you can enjoy being intimate again.

Whether you are a medical professional using Surgilube Surgical Lubricant for its intended use or you are one half of a couple who enjoys our lubricant for personal use, you can take comfort in knowing that all of our products are medical-grade and sterile. Surgilube is paraben-free, bacteriostatic, water-based, and free from any dyes. Our lubricants are available in a variety of sizes and convenient packaging that ensures ease of use without the mess.