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Surgilube® is manufactured by HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a leading healthcare consumables manufacturer who also manufactures HR Lubricating Jelly and EcoVue Ultrasound Gel.

Surgilube® has been proudly manufactured in the USA since 1932!

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Instructions for use can be found here.

The safety data sheet can be found here.


Yes. Surgilube® is the most widely accepted sterile lubricant on the market and is used for numerous medical applications, including but not limited to:

  • Colonoscopy
  • Enema Insertion
  • X-Ray
  • Urethral/Catheter
  • Pelvic Examination
  • Lithotripsy
  • Surgical Procedures
  • General Medical Use
  • Sigmoidoscopy
  • Ultrasound Procedures
  • Endotracheal tube insertion

Surgilube® should not be used in the eyes or ears.

Let the medical professionals who use it in the field regularly tell you how they use Surgilube Surgical Lubricant: Useful Applications for Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant

Yes, Surgilube® is instrument friendly and adheres well to instrumentation.

Yes, Surgilube® can be used for a variety of GI procedures.

Yes, Surgilube’s premium viscosity makes it ideal for pain-free insertion of catheters.

No. Surgilube® should not be used in the eyes or ears.

Yes. Surgilube® is the #1 lubricant in Women’s Health, and is safe for gynecological procedures.

Yes, Surgilube® is a sterile, carbomer-free lubricant deemed preferred by HOLOGIC® when used as indicated. Surgilube® has undergone stringent and periodic testing by HOLOGIC® and met established quality parameters without impacting ThinPrep® Pap Test results.

For more information, please see the Impact of Carbomer-based Lubricants on the ThinPrep® Pap Test.


Surgilube® is primarily procured through our network of national, regional and independent distributors. If you need assistance gaining access to Surgilube®, please contact us.
For international distribution, please contact us.

Surgilube® has been awarded contracts with all national GPOs. Please contact us if you need assistance procuring Surgilube® products.

If you prefer to purchase Surgilube® direct, please contact usWe require product to be purchased in full case quantities.

Surgilube® is available for purchase at medical supply stores, like Medical Monks, as well as online retailers, including Amazon.

If you have trouble locating Surgilube®, please contact us and we will help locate a supplier.

A4402 – LUBRICANT PER OUNCE – Medicare B allows up to $1.72/oz or $6.88/tube.
A4332 – LUBRICANT PER PACKET – Medicare B allows up to $0.13/Packet

Yes, we would be more than happy to send your facility samples. Please fill out a sample request form, or contact us.

No. We currently do not offer samples to patients/consumers.

Surgilube® is available for purchase at medical supply stores across the country as well as online retailers, such as Amazon. If you have trouble locating Surgilube®, please contact us and we will help locate a supplier.


Surgilube® has a shelf-life of 5 years from the date of manufacture across all packaging options.

For single-use packets, the lot and expiration date can be found on the back of the packet. For multi-use tubes, you can find the lot and expiration date on the crimp of the tube.

Surgilube® has a wide offering of procedure specific, single-use packaging, and tubes. Our product line-up allows for easy standardization throughout your health system or medical facility.

Surgilube® is available in 2 and 4.25 oz metal screw cap tubes, 2 and 4.25 oz laminate flip top tubes and in 5 gm metal elongated tubes. Our flip top tubes feature caps that are simple to open and close with one hand. Our screw tops feature caps that easily pierce the seal when used. The elongated tip tube features a cap that snaps off without difficulty for single-handed use. Surgilube® is also available in 3 and 5g single-use foilpacs® to help in reducing cross-contamination. View our full product offerings.

Yes. All Surgilube® products are sterile until the seal is broken. Surgilube’s sterility helps prevent cross-contamination and hospital acquired infections.

To open aseptically, sanitize tube tip and cap prior to opening. For flip flop tubes, remove cap and peel off seal from tube orifice and replace the cap before using. For metal tubes, puncture tube tip with a sterile implement.

Once the packaging of any multi-use product has been opened, any unused portion should be discarded in accordance with internal facility guidelines on multi-use products. Single-use packets should be discarded immediately after use.

We do not guarantee sterility after the product is open.


No. Surgilube® has a unique and proprietary formula, one that is never manufactured for private label brands.

Yes. Surgilube® is a carbomer-free lubricant.

No, Surgilube® does not use glycerin in its formulation.

Glycerin is a humectant and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Glycerin helps retain moisture. Unfortunately, glycerin may contribute to an overgrowth of yeast, which can cause yeast infections. As the #1 lubricant in Women’s Health, we chose not to use glycerin in our formulation.

Yes. Surgilube®, and its packaging, are not made with natural rubber latex. For more information, please review our Instructions for Use.

Yes. Surgilube® is a water based lubricant.

No. Surgilube’s formula does not contain parabens.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate is a preservative and bacteriostatic agent that stops bacteria from reproducing.

If there is a specific ingredient(s) you are allergic to, please email us at and we can inform you whether or not that ingredient is in Surgilube®.

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