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5 (Medical) Gifts Every New Parent Needs

When people find out that someone they know or love is expecting a new bundle of joy, they get excited about the adorable little shoes and the super soft teddy bears. Rather than overwhelming the parents-to-be with 100 more wearables or cutesy gifts they may or may not need, it is worth your money and their efforts, to invest in something a little more practical like books, disposables, and medical supplies. Medical supplies are a practical gift because many people don’t want to think about medical situations until something happens and then they realize they don’t have the resources they need.

Follow along in today’s post as we discuss some of the medical gifts that every new parent deserves and every newborn will need at some point. At HR Pharmaceuticals, we make high-quality products that are perfect for use by anybody, including the smallest and most fragile babies.

Bulb Syringe

All new babies that are born in a hospital in the United States will be sent home with a bulb syringe. Most of the hospital-issued syringes are large and bulky, but they get the job done. As a great gift, you can ensure that new parents have a bulb syringe in every room and a spare to cover any that are soaking. Smaller, more pliable bulb syringes are a little less threatening and frightening. Bulb syringes are essential to helping clear the airway — nose of phlegm and mouth of spit-up — in those little ones who cannot cough or turn their heads to clear their own airways.


If your pregnant friend lives in a humid client, a humidifier may not be a necessary gift. However, for the majority of people, humidified air is more comfortable to breathe in general. For some parents, they may only opt to use the humidifier when their little one is sick or experiencing upper respiratory symptoms, and others enjoy that it is a peaceful way for baby to breath and adds just enough white noise to break the silence while baby sleeps. Parents are often delighted when they find that you can add calming essential oils that emit pleasant smells as well. Additionally, a humidifier is a relatively inexpensive gift that offers a larger return on investment.


An otoscope is a tool that has a light and a view-hole through a tip that allows medical professionals to take a look in the ear canal. Parents can use this tool to observe the condition of and look for objects in the ears, nose, and throat. There inexpensive otoscopes available at your local pharmacy and online, and although you may get a few odd looks when they open the gift, the first time their baby is tugging at their ear or there is suspicion of something stuck up the nose, they will thank you. The otoscope you gift is not a safe alternative to proper medical care, but it can give parents a better idea of what is going on and schedule the appropriate appointment.


Babies and children are notorious for getting sick as their young immune systems are developing and being challenged. Most pediatricians will agree that doctor’s appointments should be scheduled based more on symptoms that fever, but monitoring for a fever is important and can provide both some peace of mind for parents and some indication of what is going on in a child who cannot verbalize their symptoms. There are all sorts of thermometers available for home use available on the market including probe ones that can be placed under the tongue, armpit, or used rectally. There are also temporal thermometers that allow parents to discreetly take temperatures without waking a sleeping baby.

Medical Lubricant

Speaking of taking rectal temperatures on a child or removing foreign objects from body parts, medical lubricant comes in handy for more than one task. Medical lubricant offers many properties that make it much safer to use than other personal lubricants in a variety of situations. Because there are very little chemical properties, it is pH balanced, water-soluble, and bacteriostatic, unlike other lubricants that are oil-based and chock full of chemicals, the new parents will have little to worry about when they use Surgilube.

If you are looking for a great product that makes a great gift for new parents or anyone else in your life, trust the product that has been the mark of quality and assurance for the medical community worldwide for more than 80 years. Browse our entire collection of child-safe products online today.