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Making Suppository Use as Comfortable As Possible — A Patient’s Self-Care Guide

There are not too many times when a person is prescribed a suppository, that they are excited about it. However, suppositories offer much relief and benefits that oral medications cannot. In today’s post, we are going to review some suppository basics and tips to help make the administration of them more comfortable. All of the tips we discuss today have been tested by seasoned medical professionals and approved by their thankful patients. We pass this information on to you in the hopes to reduce your anxiety and improve your comfort while using suppositories.

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we are passionate about making medical procedures more comfortable for the patient while reducing the amount of friction and harm done during the procedure. We make all of our water-based lubricants with premium viscosity for just these reasons. When you need a medical lubricant that you can count on, trust Surgilube®.

Before we get right to it, let’s discuss what a suppository is and why you may be prescribed for home use. Suppositories are prescribed for vaginal or rectal use for a variety of reasons. Vaginal suppositories are typically hormones to treat menopause symptoms or promote fertility or they can be treatments for yeast or fungal infections. Because the vagina is a mucous membrane, the medication or hormones are absorbed rapidly and can work quickly. The greatest benefit is that it bypasses the GI system, causing less abdominal discomfort and secondary infections by leaving the healthy gut flora intact.

Rectal suppositories are typically prescribed to treat hemorrhoids or to treat severe nausea or vomiting. Most medications in tablet form can be taken rectally to avoid the GI tract, but should be recommended by your physician before administering rectally regularly. Rectal suppositories give those who are unable to swallow or keep anything down the benefit of the medication. Caustic medications should never be administered as a suppository.

Tips to Making a Suppository More Comfortable

Now that we know what it is, let’s discuss how to make it more comfortable.


Easier said than done, we know. But the more you can relax, the easier the medication will be accepted by the cavity and the quicker the entire process will be. Never force medication into any cavity and if you meet resistance, withdraw and try again. Remember to breath and get into a position where you can completely relax your muscles. If pain or anxiety is preventing you from relaxing, try meditating or lying on your bed.

Use a glove.

Some people are not comfortable inserting a suppository simply because of where it is being inserted and the fact that you have to attempt to hold on to the medication at the same time you are inserting it into a small cavity. For people who are uncomfortable with any part of it, if can make the process a lot more comfortable and even go quicker if you wear a glove. You can use your gloved hand to apply the lube and then insert the suppository.

Use a good lubricant.

The lubricant you use can make all the difference. Both in terms of comfort as well as the absorption of the medication. A dependable medical lubricant like Surgilube® that is water-soluble offers premium viscosity without altering the medication you are attempting to insert. We recommend you insert a small amount of lubricant before attempting to insert the medication. If you are using a suppository pellet, you may find there is no need to use a lubricant to insert it. But, for tablets, you may find that rubbing a small amount of lubricant on the medication is helpful. We recommend putting nothing more than a pea-sized drop of lubricant on your fingertips and roll the medication in the lube. Once you do this, you’ll need to immediately insert the medication before it begins to disintegrate. The non-staining formula of Surgilube also helps in the cleanup and won’t cause irritation.


Once your suppository is successfully inserted, take a few minutes to rest. Sitting or lying down to let the medication begin absorbing is always a good idea, making the medication more effective and reducing the chances of it falling out.

We hope that this article has helped put your mind at ease about inserting your own vaginal or rectal suppository. We understand that some people are uncomfortable with his route of medication administration, but it does have more benefits that outweigh the uncomfortableness of the insertion. If you follow the tips we’ve listed for you, you may find that suppository insertion is no more uncomfortable than swallowing a large pill. At HR Pharmaceuticals, we make our products with your comfort in mind. Browse our entire selection online today!