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Using Surgilube® During Oxygen Therapy to Alleviate Dry Nose

If you are a patient who’s undergoing oxygen therapy, you’re probably wondering what to use for a dry nose. Fortunately, Surgilube® is here to help. What is Oxygen Therapy? Oxygen therapy, also called supplemental oxygen, is a treatment that provides extra oxygen to the airflow while breathing normally. You may need oxygen therapy if you … Read more

The Use of Medical Lubricant in Forensic Sexual Assault Exams: A Review of Clinical Best Practice

Following the allegation of rape or sexual assault, it is common practice to have a rape-kit collected to aid in the prosecution of the perpetrator. Over the last few decades, accepted best practice has changed quite a bit. And, to help providers keep up with the changes, in today’s post, we will take the time … Read more

Making Digital Disimpaction as Comfortable as Possible: Caring For Your Patients

Digital disimpaction, also referred to as digital fecal evacuation, manual fecal removal, manual evacuation, or rectal clear is probably one of the most uncomfortable procedures for patients and one of the least favored tasks of medical providers. Removing impacted feces is embarrassing for both parties and one of the few procedures that is difficult to … Read more

Avoiding Contamination: Common Ways We Cross-Contaminate and How to Avoid It

As the medical profession advances, as does the awareness of cross-contamination and where germs are harbored. It is important to understand that bacteria and viruses are not the only things that are transferred from surface to surface and patient to patient. Food particles, medications or medical products, fibers, pests, and other substances can also be … Read more

Making Tracheostomy Care As Comfortable As Possible: Caring For Your Patients

In the United States, there are more than 100,000 tracheostomy procedures performed each year. While less than 20% of these are permanent and will be discharged home with the patient, all tracheostomies will initially be cared for by the medical professional, namely nursing staff. A tracheostomy is a tube placed through the cricothyroid membrane, directly … Read more

Caring For the Incontinent Patient

As a healthcare professional in any setting, at some point, you will provide care for a patient that is incontinent. Whether you are a nurse, physical therapist, or nurse assistant, you’ll have to modify your care plan to accommodate for their incontinence. As the primary care provider, your care will revolve around the incontinence and … Read more

Making Vaginal Exams As Comfortable As Possible: Caring For Your Patients

Vaginal exams are not a medical procedure that many patients look forward to. Medical equipment is used to examine a woman’s most personal area, something that she herself likely does not do. Aside from the physical discomfort, vaginal exams can make patients feel uncomfortable because the position and nature of the exam can make them … Read more

Why Each of Our Product Features Matters

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we are trusted by surgical and medical practitioners from around the world as the go-to lubricant for surgical and gynecological procedures. We believe this is because our quality products — Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant, HR® Lubricating Jelly, and EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel — are made with features that offer the best patient experience while … Read more

Creating An Organized Clinic

Organization tends to be a relatively divisive topic. There’s a belief by many that you either have it or you don’t. Those who swear by organization tend to think it’s a necessary way to function, and conversely, those who feel less compelled by organization oftentimes state that the chaos is what helps them do their … Read more