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Creating An Organized Clinic

Organization tends to be a relatively divisive topic. There’s a belief by many that you either have it or you don’t. Those who swear by organization tend to think it’s a necessary way to function, and conversely, those who feel less compelled by organization oftentimes state that the chaos is what helps them do their best.

There might be many a naysayer to the benefits of organization, but we have to say that when it comes to healthcare, organization is key. A disheveled, unorganized clinic or hospital reads as unsafe, and in many cases, it is. The good news is that at any age, organization tips can be practiced, and organization, at any level, can be improved.

Surgilube® has worked with medical clinics and hospitals for years, and our purpose is to make the jobs of medical professionals easier, as well as to improve the comfort and care for patients everywhere. We recognize that organization is crucial to making this happen, which is why we’re happy to share some tips on creating an organized clinic. Take a look at some of the advice we can offer, and request a sample of Surgilube today to see the difference our surgical lube can make.

Functional Inventory

A disorganized stock of medical supplies is not only a nuisance, it could prohibit essential care from happening faster. Having a system in place, whether organized by procedure or having products placed alphabetically makes a huge difference — the second difference is maintaining this inventory.

Talk with your staff about the importance of having a well-stocked and organized supply room, and if necessary, designate someone to check the inventory each week. You could even utilize a color coordination system, where someone highlights products on a list that are running low in yellow, and products that are out or almost out in red.

Having a supply room where items can be easily located and are always in stock is a type of organization that not only helps keep track of everything, it could save lives. In a chaotic setting, supplies can’t be found, or run out without being replaced in a timely manner.

With our surgical lube, inventory is easier to keep track of, because we have a product that can be used in multiple medical procedures. Instead of needing three different types of gel or lubricant, you can save space, time, and money by only having to worry about one. This makes finding everything easier for your staff, and in times of patient emergency, could even save lives.

Less Is More

Saying that your plate is full as a hospital administrator or employer of a medical clinic is an understatement. You likely have an overwhelming number of things to remember and keep track of, and even being able to eliminate some of the things on your to-do list can help. By checking off items and responsibilities (or removing them entirely) from your tasks, you’re doing two essential types of organizing. For starters, you’re freeing up your schedule, which means you can appropriate time for organization elsewhere. Secondly, you’re organizing the list of to-dos itself, which can prioritize things in a better and more efficient manner.

How does our surgical lube fit into this? As we’ve talked about previously, Surgilube offers a product that can work in multiple functions. From pelvic examinations to colonoscopies, from catheters to enema insertions and everything in between, you can have one lubricant to rule them all. This means you don’t have to spend additional time finding, researching, and ordering the right product for each of these individual procedures. Lessening your list of to-dos ultimately means you’ll have more time to designate where you see most fit.

The Devil’s in the Details

When you make tiny changes in organization, this ends up improving your clinic’s function in a much more effective way. We often overlook the details or the small changes, but every change makes a difference — and there’s no such thing as an unimportant improvement. Making small changes over time is especially better to focus on if organization doesn’t feel as natural for you, because it allows for more feasible and realistic growth to take place. Here are just some of the small organizational things you can do that have an amazing impact:

Set aside 15 minutes a day.

This might seem like nothing, but if you set a timer for exactly 15 minutes to go over any type of organizational thing you can think of, the time will fly, and things will be better than if you hadn’t done anything at all. Maybe this means getting things ready for the next day, maybe it looks like clearing up and organizing some desks and computer and/or charting space, but either way, it’s devoting a little bit of time in a highly productive way.

Focus on one thing.

You might be able to think of one (or several) things that feel a bit off, like they just aren’t going as smoothly as they could be. Spend some time to really think about where the problem is, and how you could organize this issue in a more efficient manner. Don’t be afraid to chat with your staff or colleagues about this either — they may very well have valuable insight that could bring a solution to the problem.

Invest in supplies that are efficient and effective.

Our surgical lube will take up less space, require less time ordering on your part, and can be used in many other capacities. When you switch to products and supplies that support your organizational goals and habits, this makes an impact across your entire medical clinic community.

At Surgilube, we always are thinking of your clinic’s needs first. We know that when your clinic is running at its best ability, everyone thrives. This is why we are proud to offer an incredible product that can make a difference in the function and workings of your hospital or clinic. Our surgical lube is unparalleled in its effectiveness, and we would be happy to provide you any other information you might be in need of. Contact us today to learn more, we look forward to hearing from you!