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Using Surgilube® During Oxygen Therapy to Alleviate Dry Nose

If you are a patient who’s undergoing oxygen therapy, you’re probably wondering what to use for a dry nose. Fortunately, Surgilube® is here to help.

What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen therapy, also called supplemental oxygen, is a treatment that provides extra oxygen to the airflow while breathing normally. You may need oxygen therapy if you have a condition that makes it hard to breathe, such as COPD, pneumonia, COVID-19, cystic fibrosis, or heart failure. Some patients need supplemental oxygen all the time, while others may only need it from time to time.

Suffering from Nasal Dryness

Dry nose symptoms can occur from nasal irritation after supplemental oxygen using a nasal cannula, a small flexible tube with two prongs that sit inside the nostrils. The constant flow of medical oxygen, which contains no moisture, can lead to bleeding from the nose or even infections in severe cases. Other symptoms associated with dry nose include nasal itchiness, cracking, and an uncomfortable or tight feeling inside the nose.

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Alleviate Dry Nose with a Lubricant

Surgilube® is a water-based lubricant that is safe to use on mucous membranes and can help keep your nasal passages moist and re-hydrate irritated skin by adding moisture to the affected area. Chlorhexidine gluconate, a preservative and bacteriostatic agent, in the Surgilube® formula can also help prevent infection. Simply take a small amount of Surgilube® with your finger and apply it to the lining inside of your nose. The use of petroleum-based products should be avoided with oxygen therapy.

If you are experiencing severe symptoms of dry nose, be sure to visit an experienced and professional doctor.

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we manufacture high-quality medical lubricants that help ensure patient comfort for more than 80 years. Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant won’t irritate skin, tissues, or mucous membranes and is available in a variety of packaging options. If you suffer from dry nose due to oxygen therapy, request a sample today.