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Why Each of Our Product Features Matters

At HR Pharmaceuticals, we are trusted by surgical and medical practitioners from around the world as the go-to lubricant for surgical and gynecological procedures. We believe this is because our quality products — Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant, HR® Lubricating Jelly, and EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel — are made with features that offer the best patient experience while improving the medical professional’s performance in a given task. We know that every aspect of healthcare products matter and we are proud to offer superior features that matter.

Variety of sizes and packaging options.

While this feature does not directly affect patient care or the patient experience, it affects your practice as a business. In some settings, multi-use containers are an option, such as in an ultrasound room where there is little risk for cross-contamination. However, for other procedures, such as inserting a Foley catheter, single-use foilpacs® are completely necessary because of the sterile field and the high risk of contamination. If the only option available was a 2 or 4.25 ounce bottle, each procedure would accumulate a great waste of product and money.


Not only is the practice of making all healthcare products latex-free important for those with existing latex allergies, but also protects the healthcare professional from being exposed to chemicals that are known to cause allergies over time. When all of our products are made latex-free, there is no need to offer similar products and risk the wrong one being stocked. Because our products are latex-free, they also reduce the interaction between the lubricant and your medical gloves.

Sterile bacteriostatic.

This is one of the features that makes a big difference between HR Pharmaceutical products and the competitors. It does not matter what you are using our surgical lubricants for, there is never a time where using a product that runs the risk of introducing contaminants to a patient is acceptable. Liquid and gel products are the ideal environment for breeding and growing bacteria. When you stock Surgilube® surgical lubricant, you can rest assured that the next invasive procedure you perform will not introduce bacteria into your patient’s orifice. All of our products are sterile to begin with and contain a bacteriostatic property that effectively resists bacterial growth.

Premium viscosity.

The reason you use lubricating jelly in the first place is to help whatever instrument you are inserting glide smoothly. The viscosity of HR Pharmaceutical products offers the patient a comfortable experience and the medical professional an easier time with insertion. Our products remain slick and will not dry out or become tacky mid-procedure. Our superior lubricants will not clump up or flake off.

Water soluble.

Water solubility helps ensure that the product is safe to use with all instruments and tubing without compromising their integrity. It also ensures that it is safe to use in any orifice or topically and will not harm a patient if small amounts are ingested. This feature also helps with cleanup and is non-staining if it comes into contact with fabric, unlike oil-based lubricants.

HR Pharmaceuticals is backed by more than 80 years of experience producing quality healthcare products. Surgilube® has owned the mark of assurance, consistency, and convenience. Our features are proof that we are invested in providing quality to medical professionals and their patients. Browse our entire line of products today.