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Is Surgilube Safe? A Review Of The Safety Data Sheet

Surgilube Surgical Lubricant by HR Pharmaceuticals is a super smooth translucent gel that can be used as a medical lubricant in a variety of settings. Surgilube has been trusted by medical professionals as the go-to lubricant for more than 80 years. Because it is a sterile, water-soluble, latex-free, bacteriostatic lube, it is generally safe to be used on any patient.

If evidence of safe use over nearly a century doesn’t put you at ease, join us today as we review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of Surgilube. SDS is documentation that is required by law of every product in the United States. It requires manufacturers to list any potentially hazardous ingredients and how each one affects the safety of humans when exposed to it in a variety of ways. The intended use of SDS is for workers who are exposed to a substance over and over or in situations where there is a mass exposure to the substance — leaks or spills. The SDS reports risks related to health, fire, reactivity, environmental, and emergency precautions.


A few of Surgilube’s ingredients include hypromellose, propylene glycol, and sterile water.


is a semisynthetic polymer, which means it a modified version of a naturally occurring substance. It is commonly used in lubricating eye drops and in the gel casing of time-release oral medications. It can also be used as a substitute for gelatin in food. This is the ingredient that gives Surgilube its water-soluble slickness and helps create the gel-like texture.

Propylene glycol

is a synthetic organic compound that is used as a stable mixing agent that helps seal in moisture. It helps to provide the slippery feel of Surgilube and helps prevent drying of the product during use. It also acts as a preservative that helps extend the shelf life. Propylene glycol is commonly used in eye drops, cosmetics, food, and oral medications.

Sterile water

and other substances make up less than one percent of the makeup of Surgilube.

Because Surgilube does not contain latex, paraben, animal products, or other chemicals, it is not considered a risk for development of contact dermatitis or adverse reactions when used internally.

Health Hazards

According to the SDS for Surgilube, this product poses minimal risk to healthcare professionals who are exposed to it, regardless of the frequency or quantity. Accidental ingestion of a large quantity may cause upset stomach and diarrhea related to the lubricating qualities of the product.

Flammability Hazards

If Surgilube is heated to high temperatures for an extended period, the liquid in the product may evaporate and the residue that is left behind may ignite. If the product is involved in a fire, it may cause a vapor that may be irritating to the lungs when inhaled.

Reactivity Hazards

Surgilube is not reactive when mixed with other chemicals or compounds.

Environmental Hazards

Surgilube has not been tested for environmental effects.

Emergency Considerations

Emergency responders should wear appropriate protection for the situation to which they respond. Surgilube does not require any special emergency precautions or considerations.

In short, Surgilube is safe to use in most situations on most patients. There are no known concerns that would present a hazard or danger to patients or healthcare professionals. For more information about the safety of Surgilube, read the full Safety Data Sheet found here.

HR Pharmaceuticals is proud to offer superior medical lubricants that are safe for widespread use. Our dedication to creating pure products is what has made us the leader of manufacturing surgical lubricants. Browse our entire product line online today!