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The Importance of Sterility in the Healthcare Setting

There are more microbes on and in your body that cells that make up your body! While this is not generally a problem, and most of them are actually useful and necessary, some of them are not. The human body has many defense mechanisms that help prevent the not-so-good ones from causing problems. However, in the medical field, the majority of patients have a weakened immune defense due to infection, disease, or injury. Additionally, a good amount of patients undergo an invasive procedure that puts them at an increased risk for harmful pathogens bypassing the body’s defense system. In the healthcare setting, the value of maintaining sterility cannot be understated. Here, we will discuss the importance of sterility in the healthcare setting and why the products you carry have the potential to make all the difference.

Improving patient safety.

Sterile technique is a term that refers to the practices and procedures that healthcare providers follow to prevent pathogens from being introduced to their patients during procedures. While it is typically stressed in operating rooms, many procedures are performed in a variety of healthcare settings that require sterile technique. Any time there is an opening in a patient’s skin or a device is inserted into an orifice or body cavity, there is a significant increase in the potential for infection. Sterile cleaning procedures or the use of sterile packaged single-use medical supplies are meant to eliminate medical instruments from causing infection. Additionally, the healthcare professional and all supplemental products must also be sterile or the cleanliness of the medical instruments will have little impact.

Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant offers a sterile option for a medical lubricant that helps improve patient comfort during the insertion of instruments or devices. It is also a sterile lube that helps dramatically improve patient safety by reducing the risk of pathogen introduction during invasive procedures.

Decreasing risk for healthcare professionals.

Sterile environments not only reduce the risk of introducing pathogens to patients but also helps prevent any infection or disease the patient carries from being passed to their healthcare professionals. Aseptic technique and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) on every patient, also known as standard precaution, is generally enough to reduce the risk to the healthcare professional when they come into contact with bodily fluids or surface pathogens. However, using sterile technique provides an additional layer of protection to both patient and health care provider by providing an environment that inhibits microbe activity completely.

Saving money.

The healthcare industry, like every business, is concerned with saving money. Not only in the interest of the general population, but also at the heart of each medical company, the desire to provide quality care at the lowest cost to company and end-user is great. By providing a sterile environment, a great deal of money can be saved on the resources used to treat secondary infections and hospital-acquired infections. Additionally, it decreases the number of lawsuits and repeat patient visits.

Surgilube Surgical Lubricant is an affordable lubricant option for the healthcare industry. Offering sterile single-use and multi-use options, Surgilube is a great option for surgical and medical practices worldwide.

HR Pharmaceuticals understands the importance of sterility in the healthcare setting and makes products that help support the mission of the industry. With patient safety and comfort at the forefront of our product creation, we are proud to offer sterile products such as Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant. Surgilube has owned the mark of assurance, consistency, and convenience for more than 80 years and provides a quality, sterile product that healthcare providers in any setting can trust. For more information or to place your product order, visit us online today!