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Surgilube® Turns 90!

Surgilube®, the #1 surgical lubricant, turns 90 years old this year. The Day Chemical Company first trademarked Surgilube® as a Surgical Lubricating Jelly back in 1932. Since then, the brand has become the most sought after and renowned surgical lubricant in the medical community.

Surgilube Legendary History

Surgilube is a premium lubricant used to ease discomfort when inserting catheters, endoscopes, and other surgical instruments into body orifices. Used throughout healthcare in the Acute, Physician Office, Ambulatory Care, Surgery Center space, and in Women’s Health facilities for gynecological procedures. Surgilube’s sterility helps prevent cross-contamination and hospital acquired infections. With a wide offering of procedure specific and single-use packaging, the Surgilube product line-up allows for easy standardization throughout your health system or medical facility.

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