Gynecological Lubricant

Our sterile, carbomer-free formulation is the preferred lubricant for Gynecological Procedures.

Surgilube® Sterile Surgical Lubricant for Gynecological Procedures

Do you avoid using a lubricant while performing vaginal exams due to the fear of impacting test results and getting an UNSAT? Well look no further! 

Surgilube® Sterile Surgical Lubricant is a water-based, carbomer-free lubricant that has been trusted by medical practitioners around the world since 1932. Surgilube® adheres to instruments well and is available in a range of sizes including single-use packets and multi-use tubes.

The #1 Lubricant in Women’s Health

Vaginal exams can be quite uncomfortable for patients. Studies have shown that applying a small amount of lubricating gel significantly decreases patient pain during vaginal speculum insertion. 

Surgilube® Sterile Surgical Lubricant has undergone testing and won’t interfere with pap test results while easing patient discomfort, so there’s no longer a reason to do a speculum exam without the proper lubrication.

My colleagues and I are huge fans of Surgilube® Surgical Lubricant!

“We spend our days examining vaginas, cervixes, and rectal cavities. Not a patient comes into my exam room that doesn’t benefit from Surgilube’s features! We wouldn’t carry anything else.”

- Kelly R. | OB/GYN Midwife

The Clear Choice for the Procedure…and the Patient

Using Surgilube® Sterile Surgical lubricant for your gynecological patients just makes sense. With a unique, can’t be replicated, carbomer-free formulation, Surgilube® Sterile Surgical Lubricant increases patient satisfaction during vaginal exams while giving YOU the satisfaction of focusing on what you do best: providing quality care.

If you are interested in learning more about the #1 lubricant in women’s health, contact us today.